Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog 1: In Defense in Food response

Assignment one:
Blog about "In Defense of Food" by Micheal Pollan. 300 words.
Argue against or refute with

describes the "Age of Nutritionism" as a period of changing our ways of eating base on nutrients needed in the human body. According to Pollan, scientists are establishing nutrients by using chemicals. Pollan believes that this establishment has created false food. Well in my opinion, I believe this concept he brought up is true. We are following what the labels are on food and we are not aware of the other substances (those we assume are harmful) that are involve in it. As of today, we have adapted to eating what we are told to eat and not to eat. Pollan quoted, "we must reclaim our health and happiness as eater," meaning we should be happy with what we eat because even that is healthier than eating substances we think help us. There's actually no such thing as a perfect meal and yet "we are becoming a nation of orthorexics: people with an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating." Not healthy at all.

In today's society, it seems like every culture is influence by the western diet. Seeing Mcdonalds everywhere is an example. And really, the western style has influence us all. Why? and How? Well western food is easy to make, quick to do, and lastly cheap to get. Everyone likes fast, easy, and cheap food, and so, people have learned to like this idea and assimilated into some of the western food diet. But don't forget, that award comes with consequences such as unhealthiness. Western food is surely not the healthiest, even though westerners invest a lot of finding out what's good in food and what's not.

Overall, Pollan has a very strong view in food so far. It's pretty interesting and I see where he is coming from. And so I agree with his thoughts and opinions and am continuing to see where he is leading readers to with it.

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