Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Evaluation Blog: Demonstration Speech

Well, since my speech seem to only be recorded for roughly two minutes, it is quite difficult to critic on myself. I'll have to manage for now.

Evaluation (base on what was recorded):

The introduction was okay. There were a few pauses which created a more difficult understanding of what was presented. My voice was loud enough and clear. I believe the eye contact was okay, not as well as expected. I can see that I was a bit nervous base on my gestures.

Organization was well performed. Procedures were clear and instructive. But the materials were not listed to do the project.


Invalid due to technical difficulties.

Visual aid-
The visual aids were well define. There were color papers on the table. The paper boat was visible although it was a bit small from the video distance. The folding paper was visible for others to see and follow.

My voice tone was a bit monotone, with a few pitches of enthusiasm but not quite defined. Voice was loud and clear, good enough volume for others to hear and listen. My eye contact was good after the introduction; I looked around the room, making sure everyone was following the instructions and waited for everyone. The body language was always moving while folding the paper. During the introduction, there were a few gestures while speaking, which was a bit distracting. The pace of the speech was steady. There was no rushing or impatience.
I think the overall effectiveness in the class was active. My classmates and professor were participating in folding the paper boat and it seemed like everyone was determine to fold the boat with my instructions.
Some of my weakness was not having as specific instructions, maybe. A few questions were asked and my vocabulary was not as descriptive.

My comments

My overall speech, though not fully in length and only base on my memory, was not as well as how I practiced it. I lacked a strong introduction and conclusion. It wasn't as effective to motivate the others to want to fold a paper boat and engage in it. But my procedures, I believe, were clear and concise. Everyone was following along with my instructions. There were a few questions asked during the procedures but I manage to keep the speech flowing and effective in participation. Besides that, I believe I performed the speech well and organized enough. I also wanted to note that my project of folding a paper boat was conducive to the assignment and setting. It was simple and fast to present and do. The time was, I assume was around five minutes, was good; the demonstration did not take over that limit. All together, my point of the demonstration speech ended successfully.

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