Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Make Every Shot a Power Shot" -Sharapova

The quality of the Canon camera is meant to capture athlete's actions and not to mention, the style of this digital camera takes a royal look, just like the princess of tennis.

Maria Sharapova, a professional Russian tennis player who scored three Grand Slam singles champion, advertises for the digital camera Canon Power Shot. Sharapova is currently World ranked 14, known as the Princess of Tennis.

The Canon PowerShot camera collection claims to be "one of the most successful camera in Canon history." Canon began in Tokoyo in 1933. The founders wanted to build a camera that would complete the German rangefinders camera. The first Canon camera was completed in 1934 and actually named "Kwanon" which means the "Buddhist Goddess of Mercy", an immortal beautiful, Chinese goddess who served to listen to human prayers and aids them through their struggles. Soon afterwards, the name changed into Canon. In the 1980s, Canon began to build its camera qualities base on professional sports: speed and accuracy in catching athletes in action. The Canon company introduced their first digital camera in 1995, the DCS 3, a Hybrid Digital. The Canon PowerShot S10 was released in 2000, including a variety of digital cameras. Canon PowerShot collections varies from the Ultra-Compact to pocket-sized cameras to full-featured compacts.

In my opinion, the endorser in this case does fit for the product. Canon PowerShot camera collection purpose is to capture the shots that are fast, and was built to catch actions of athletes. And so, Maria Sharapova, a stylish athlete is a proper endorsement for the Canon PowerShot camera collection, matching the qualities of the tennis player both abilities and looks.

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