Monday, December 14, 2009

Post 8: A final take on your persuasive topic

Here is my final take on the Immigration Reform:

We must allow immigrants to continue coming to America. Immigration is America's foundation and if we lose it, we will lose our purpose and identity of what we have become. Currently the Immigration Reform is blocking and limiting certain immigrants to America territory, globally creating injustice in today's society. Everyone should have the right to go where they want and should not be rejected from a place unless for a certain reason. It is important the we acknowledge the legacy that immigrants have marked on America's history. George W. Bush, MBA, 43rd President of the United States, as quoted in a Jan. 19, 2005 section entitled "On the Issues, Immigration," offered the following:

"America is a nation of immigrants; legal immigration is good for America and for those who come here seeking freedom and opportunity. As Governor of a border state, I know firsthand the great richness and benefits that legal immigrants with different cultures, history and traditions bring to America.

I support increasing the number of H-1B visas to help meet America's need for more high-tech workers, and I support expanding the H-2A temporary agricultural workers program so that willing workers can help meet America's labor needs."(1)

It is time to start and take a look at ourselves and ask: Where did we come from? how did we get here? And it is the history of immigrants that brought all of us here together in a place where we and future generations have and will have equal opportunities and rights. It is time to speak up for those how will continue the foundation of America and its identity. If we don't make that change now, we may never see tomorrow. So there is time for you to make a stand on the strict policy for immigrations. If we think we're suffering now, what would happen to us later. So we must conjoin and realize that we are creating this boundary that is blocking our future, our purpose, our identity.

(1)"Should immigration quotas be increased?." Illegal Immigration . 3/3/2009 . ©, Web. 18 Dec 2009. .

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